About Kernel’s

About Kernel's Popcorn

Our Story

Kernel’s Popcorn Express started popping corn back in 1986 in the original owner’s garage, producing popcorn and popcorn warmers for gas stations and convenience stores. The original owner worked and trained with other gourmet popcorn companies to grow Kernel’s business and flavor selection.

In 2010, Tracy and Sherry visited the small 2,000 square foot popcorn store at 224 N Kansas to purchase Christmas gifts. Sherry fell in love with the cinnamon popcorn and they discovered the company was looking for a new owner. The rest is history!

Tracy, whose background is in engineering and finance, and Sherry, who has an eye for art, came up with the new name of the company, leading to the design of the Popcorn Kernel who is the conductor of the Popcorn Express train.

Today, Kernel’s Popcorn Express warmers and popcorn are in convenience stores in seven different states with their classically delicious butter popcorn, and they offer dozens of gourmet flavors throughout the year.

Who We Are
Kernel's Popcorn Event Catering


We offer popcorn in bulk for big events! Our popcorn is great for Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays, and more. Contact us for more information!

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